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Let's take a brief look at what possibilities you have today as a shipper to find a reliable logistics service provider whom you can trust in the long term and who fits your requirements.


Did I catch you - admit it, you google the word "logistics service provider" first, right? "Doesn't everybody?" You say? That's right, everyone does. But does the search engine have any experience with transport companies or does the "ranking" (i.e. the placement on the page there) tell you how powerful the respective company is and whether it really fits your plans? Certainly not. You rely on the top ranking on the fact that the company must be successful if it is so high up in the "course". Do you actually also click on page 2 or 3 or 4 and 5 there? This will tend to frustrate you and the ratings are usually quite subjective.

Transportation platforms

You take the "modern" route? Not bad, but even there you will most likely find many subjective evaluations. This is still not really helpful for you to find the right partner for your requirements and also costs an enormous amount of time for research and queries.


A tip from a colleague? That's more like it! Your colleague knows exactly what you need and has the right partner for you ready at once. That opens doors, you immediately have a connection to the conversation - easy going! Until the price negotiation! Because your colleague pays this price too! Period and end. Or do you think you will get a better price than your colleague? You see - another dead end.

Professional consulting

A tip from a pro: Get an independent logistics consultant to work for you. You tell him your requirements and he will immediately have several reliable and experienced logistics service providers at hand, which he knows from practical experience and which are suitable for your project. After all, nothing beats a personal audit and years of experience. We are regional, national and international. If, contrary to expectations, there should ever be any deviations, your personal contact person will have solutions immediately at hand and can act quickly and straightforwardly in your interest - you are never alone. And he will also get the best value for money offer for you. Want to bet?

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Please note the maximum dimensions per pallet: 120 cm (length) x 80 cm (width) x 210 cm (height), maximum weight per package: 1.000 kg.
Each pallet counts as 1 place space with 120 x 80 cm. The goods are not considered stacked.
We do not provide packing material. Please make sure that the packaging is safe for transport!
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